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  • Commitment to clients

    Our clients want their problems solved. Braverman Law has helped numerous clients, both businesses and individuals, achieve their goals. At Braverman Law, we handle employment law and business law matters with the legal skill, professionalism, and aggressiveness demanded in order to achieve a successful outcome. We also provide our clients with the attention and responsiveness that each clients expects.

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  • Business Law

    Business owners achieve the best results when they are advised by a business attorney who will take the time to understand their business and legal needs better than anyone else; who will develop the best approach to meeting their legal needs, based on their particular circumstances and budget; and who will deliver results, on schedule and for a reasonable fee. This is what you will get with Braverman Law.

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  • Employment Law

    Braverman Law helps protect the rights of employees in the workplace, whether filing a lawsuit to recover unpaid overtime or negotiating an executive compensation agreements or severance agreements. At Braverman Law, we take pride in representing a wide range of employees, from construction workers to executives. In addition, we represent employers, with an emphasis on protecting businesses and employers from liability or litigation related to employee matters.

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Adam was very helpful in representing me in a recent case. He took the time to understand my situation...
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Adam Braverman started representing SPiN five years ago on a vendor agreement. His advice was responsive...
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Welcome to Braverman Law PC

At Braverman Law, we handle business law and employment law cases with the legal skill, professionalism, and aggressiveness demanded by sophisticated clients who may be accustomed to bigger firms. We also provide our clients with the attention, responsiveness, and operational efficiency of a tech-savvy boutique. We are skilled at both preventing and resolving disputes. 

If you are a business owner, you probably started your business because you had a passion or a dream about providing a service or product to share with others. You shouldn't have to spend a lot of time worrying about the legal aspects of the business--you should be able to focus on making your business the best it can be. That's where Braverman Law can help. We assist small and medium-sized businesses in the New York area with commercial law.

Whether you are just starting a new business or looking to expand your business, we have the knowledge and expertise when it comes to commercial law. We take pride in developing meaningful relationships with our clients so that we can act as a partner, advisor, and advocate for them. From startups to well-established enterprises with large client bases, Braverman Law is proud to be their partner.

At Braverman Law, we also fight hard to protect the rights of employees in the workplace. We represent construction workers to executives and servers to restaurant owners. We can help you recover all past wages you are owed or advise you on an employment agreement that you've been asked to sign. Or maybe you feel you were wrongfully terminated from your last job because of discrimination, or you have experienced some level of harassment in your current position. Let Braverman Law help you defend your rights and get the compensation you deserve.


Contact us today at 212-206-8166 if you are a business owner or employee who has a commercial legal issue you'd like to discuss. We will listen, assist, and act as an advocate for you. Contact Us

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You are probably familiar with the classic "quid pro quo" sexual harassment, which is illegal. But in New York, prohibited harassment also encompasses "hostile work environment" harassment (both sexual and non-sexual) on the basis of sex/gender, race or ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, age, and disability.


We will use our years of expertise and experience to fight for your rights as a business owner or employee. We have the skills, dedication, and knowledge to protect your best interests.