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Business owners achieve the best results when they are advised by a business attorney who will take the time to understand their business and legal needs better than anyone else; who will develop the best approach to meeting their legal needs, based on their particular circumstances and budget; who will deliver results, on schedule and for a reasonable fee; who has advised numerous companies and participated in a multitude of transactions; and who knows when to push in negotiations and when to back off. This is what you will get with Braverman Law.

Experienced New York Lawyer for NYC Business Owners

Our law firm has significant experience advising business owners on a variety of business related legal matters.

Business Entity Formation: Selecting the Appropriate Legal Structure

Whether you are starting a new business or restructuring your holdings, formation of new business entities is often required. Our law firm will help you select the appropriate entity, often by working closely with your tax advisor, to make sure that you maximize tax efficiency and liability protection.

Shareholder and Partnership Agreements

After entity formation, the next step in responsibly managing your business is to define the various responsibilities of the owners and any investors with a thorough and clear shareholders' agreement (or an operating agreement in a LLC). These agreements cover the management of the business; the rights of the majority shareholders, any protections given to the minority shareholders, how profits are distributed (e.g., specifying that certain investors are repaid first), the consequences

NYC Business Contract Negotiations

Most successful businesses with enter into contracts as part of their growth, including contracts for the sale or purchase of goods or services. Braverman Law is here to help negotiate these contracts, acting as both your sword and shield. Simply signing a contract without understanding its terms and consequences can be big mistake.

Sale or Acquisition of a Business in New York

The sale or purchase of a business is a milestone for many owners, representing the culmination of years of work and planning. Having been involved in dozens of sales and acquisitions, Braverman Law can help structure the deal, collaborating with your accountant or other tax advisor so that it is tax efficient and minimizes liability exposure, alert you to potential problems and uncertainties that may arise from financing or regulatory hurdles, and negotiate the most favorable terms for you.

Before founding my law firm, I practiced corporate law for many years at several firms, including McDermott, Will & Emery and Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP. These years working in corporate law gave me deep experience with numerous, complex business transactions. After starting my own firm, I decided to leverage that experience to work with business owners of small to medium sized business, rather than the mega corporations that I used to advise. I chose to work with small to medium sized businesses because I wanted to have a closer relationship with my clients and be a more integral part of the team. Now, I currently act as outside general counsel to a number of businesses, from start-ups to established enterprises with numerous employees. I cherish these relationships, and feel honored that these companies have chosen me to be a part of their growth and success.

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We will use our years of expertise and experience to fight for your rights as a business owner or employee. We have the skills, dedication, and knowledge to protect your best interests.