Tip-Pooling Allegations Result in $5 Million Judgment

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About 1,500 employees of 17 different Houlihan’s restaurants in New York and New Jersey brought allegations against the two companies that owned the franchises, claiming the owners cheated them out of wages to which they were entitled under federal wage laws from 2013 to 2015. The employees complained about the violations in 2015 and Houlihan’s […]

JPMorgan Chase Agrees to Pay Employees Millions for Labor Violations

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JPMorgan Chase is a leading financial services company worldwide and is the largest bank in the United States. Despite its financial prowess, however, the bank is paying out millions of dollars to employees in California and New York who claim their employer violated labor laws. Three separate class action lawsuits were filed—two in New York […]

What Does Unlawful Retaliation Look Like?

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Employers often have the right to take adverse actions against employees, which may include disciplinary action for misconduct, denial of a raise due to lack of productivity, or even termination under New York’s at-will employment laws. However, employers may not take adverse action for reasons that violate employment laws, which includes unlawful retaliation against employees. […]

Food Service Workers at CUNY Report a Variety of Employment Law Issues

The City University of New York (CUNY) is the largest public university system in the United States. CUNY relies on third-party contractors and subcontractors to provide food services in cafeterias and coffee shops for its thousands of staff members and hundreds of thousands of students across 24 campuses. Many of those food service workers experience […]

The Substantial Gender Pay Gap Among U.S. Doctors

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Despite federal and state laws requiring men and women to receive the same amount for pay for equal work, pay disparity between the genders still persists across many industries. The medical industry is no different. In fact, a new study exposes the wide pay gap is between male and female doctors. The study surveyed about […]

Court Rules that Federal Law Prohibits Employment Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

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A recent decision out of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit may help influence the extension of federal anti-discrimination protections to employees across the United States. Specifically, the court ruled that sexual orientation discrimination is a form of sex discrimination and, therefore, prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act […]

Fairfield, Connecticut, Restaurant Agrees to Pay Nearly $250,000 in Damages, Wages, and Penalties for Wage and Hour Violations

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A Fairfield, Connecticut, restaurant has entered into a consent judgment requiring it to pay $247,992 for various wage and hour violations, according to a news release issued by the U.S. Department of Labor. An investigation conducted by the department concluded that Vinny’s of Fairfield Inc., better known as Vinny’s Ale House, failed to pay back-of-house […]

How an Employee Handbook Can Limit Your Exposure to Liability

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Legal claims filed by employees can present serious issues for employers in the New York City area. Not only can they result in costly litigation, they can also leave a significant impact on employee morale in general and the way that the public perceives your company. Fortunately, a well-crafted employee handbook can help prevent issues […]

Is It Legal for My Employer to Fire Me Because I Had to Take Leave Due to Illness?

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Many American workers are familiar with the Family Medical Leave Act, which protects an employee’s right to take as many as twelve weeks of unpaid leave without losing a job. Unfortunately, some workers are not aware that they may take further medical leave without losing a job and that other federal laws protect employees’ leave […]